Geological Clip Art

More than 800 black-and-white line drawings, including most of those scanned for Dick Gibson's perpetual calendar, History of the Earth, are available for purchase. Gibson Consulting has prepared a CD-ROM of these images. All were derived from non-copyrighted sources, mostly early geology texts and government reports. Most were scanned at 200-400 dpi, and the resolution in the .GIF files given here as examples is significantly lower than that of the native files on the CD-ROM (mostly .PCX format). All the images posted below are committed to the public domain -- yours to take and use as you will (credit appreciated!). The disk also includes about 280 non-geological images of animals, historical landmarks, astronomical features, and other engravings, for a total of more than 1100 image files.

And thanks for your interest.
PRICE: $60.00 plus $3.50 shipping..... payable to Gibson Consulting
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This CD-ROM is primarily just the collection of images -- nothing fancy in terms of display software. The images are organized into directories following the categories below. Numbers are approximate and may be slightly different on the CD-ROM.

    50 dinosaurs et al.
    133 general geology
    37 formations
    21 geophysics
    20 glacial
    23 plants
    16 paleogeography
    62 tectonics
    59 oil
    83 mining and minerals
    118 invertebrates
    29 echinoderms
    11 insects
    56 trilobites
    64 vertebrates
    43 volcanoes
    10 astronomical
    189 non-fossil animals from 1845 book (almost all are different animals)
    40 historical landmarks (non-geological)
    41 landscapes and non-geological engravings
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