General Consulting Services

Dick Gibson and Gibson Consulting are available on an occasional service basis for gravity and magnetic interpretation work. At this time, we prefer short-term, local, play-oriented projects in areas of greatest expertise, including Nevada-Utah, Montana-Wyoming, Kentucky, Alaska North Slope, Former Soviet Union, Southeast Asia, and Rifted Margins of the World.

Base rate for Dick Gibson for work done in our offices is $1,000 per day plus any travel expenses. This rate is negotiable depending on schedule and the nature of the work, and rates for favored clients including purchasers of our Former Soviet Union or US Basement Tectonic Studies are also usually reduced, depending on project scope and length. Turnkey quotes use these daily rates as a basis for the cost of the complete project. Clients will generally benefit from turnkey pricing rather than day-rate pricing.

If you have questions, whether technical or about the oil business in general, please ask. There's no charge for evaluations or simple questions. You might also find some interest in the professional and non-professional talks that Dick Gibson is available to present, sometimes at no charge (except for travel costs).

Richard I. Gibson, Gibson Consulting - 301 North Crystal St. - Butte, Montana 59701 - Phone/Fax: 406-723-9639 - E-mail