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Gibson Consulting offers low-cost site development services. We will construct your home page and linked pages from information you provide, such as resumes, flyers, and brochures. If you like the layout and appearance of our pages, consider letting us help you with yours. For geoscience oriented web sites, we can include appropriate images from our extensive library of geological clip art and geologic and scenic photographs, and we know where to find more non-copyrighted images that are just right for you.Likewise, for sites based in Butte, Montana, we have many photos (and can get more!) that you can use in your site. Our pages within this site are your best example of our design and on-line publishing capablities. All were designed and written by Dick Gibson.

Please also visit these sites designed and/or maintained by Dick Gibson: Butte Citizens for Preservation and Revitalization, Old Butte Historical Adventures, Butte Restoration Alliance, Mining Summit, Vernacular Architecture Forum, Mai Wah Society (revisions and maintenance; original design by George Everett), and Tobacco Root Geological Society (revisions and maintenance; original design by Ann Marie Crites), and Academic Leadership Training. Dick also designed and maintained sites exceeding 100 internal pages for the following sites which have since evolved to other designs: Indiana University Geology, Indiana University Geological Field Station, and World Museum of Mining.

  • HTML formatting, JavaScript, additional programming

  • Graphics -- yours or ours, clip art or photos

  • Layout and Design -- planning and execution, custom graphics

  • Forms

  • Links -- internal and external

  • Help with finding web server providers

  • Web Site maintenance and updating

Simple site development fees start at $300 -- a flat fee, not per hour. We'll quote the cost for development after we've identified your needs. Costs include re-formatting your text information and adding several links and images. And since Web Pages are (or should be!) dynamic, we provide on-going page maintenance and periodic updates at very reasonable fees to our clients.

Send E-mail to Dick Gibson for more information.


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Butte Restoration Alliance

Old Butte Historical Adventures

Vernacular Architecture Forum

Mining Summit

Mai Wah Society

Tobacco Root Geological Society

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