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This is an attempt to organize gravity and magnetics resources on the internet into some systematic, useful format. Suggestions are welcomed! The lists include companies, governments, and specific topics, including some on-line technical papers. Please let me know if you know of sites that should be added! And the last thing I want to do is leave out anyone who wants to be included. Thanks!


Gibson Consulting Pages Companies Government & Societies Sites
Universities Specific Topics (training, regional reports etc.)

Gibson Consulting Grav-Mag Pages

Primer on Gravity and Magnetics with quiz Continent-Scale Interpretations
Former Soviet Union Index USA Index
Southeast Asia Projects
AAPG Grav-Mag Book
Grav-Mag Expressions of Thrust Belts World-Wide
Consulting Services
NW Montana Hi-Res Magnetic Survey


Some of these are Gibson's competition, some are collaborators.
Choose the best for your needs!

The Grav-Mag Committee site has a searchable list of more than 100 potential-field workers.

Bird Geophysical

Reid Geophysics


Northwest Geophysical Associates



Integrated Geophysics Corp.

Gibson Consulting Home



Bain Geophysical Services Pearson Technologies
Encom Geoscience Integrations Scintrex
Patterson, Grant & Watson Lisle Gravity Geosoft
Applied Geophysics Pearson DeRidder & Johnson Micro-g La Coste
Intrepid GeoPotential

AOA Geophysics

Austin Exploration Bell GeoSpace Micro-g
Carson Aerogravity Sander Geophysics

ARK Geophysics

ESICentennial Geoscience, Inc.Electro-Seise
Jack Land & AssociatesBig Sky GeophysicsConsolidated Geophysical Surveys

Government Institutions & Societies

SEG Grav-Mag Committee Pages
(Potential-Fields Workers index, committee news, et al.)

Gravity and Magnetics list server
(mailing list maintained by Lamont-Doherty)

National Geophysical Data Center
Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG)
Russian Planetary Geophysics HomePage
Regional Geophysics Section (Canada)
USGS Geophysics
Australia, AGSO
Lawrence Livermore Earth Science

Educational Institutions

(many other universities have grav-mag info on their sites)
Lamont-Doherty Marine Geophysics
Purdue Geopotential Laboratory (Bill Hinze)
University of Delft - make your own customized gravity map
Cornell's Digital Earth
Centre for Environmental Magnetism and Palaeomagnetism, Lancaster University

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Specific Topics Index

General & Training Magnetism & Geomagnetism Crustal & regional studies
Mining, Environmental, & Archeological Applications
North & South America Eurasia, Africa, Australia, Antarctica

General & Training

IGC's Glossary of Terms
Gibson's gravity & magnetics primer
Gibson's Introductory Interpretation short course
USGS Potential-Field Software
Gravity accuracy
On-line Introduction to Geophysics Short Course (Colorado School Of Mines)
Michal Ruder's SEG short courses
University of Leeds gravity & magnetics training
AAPG book, Gravity & Magnetics Exploration Case Histories
U.S. National Report to International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics
Lucien LaCoste: Portrait of an Inventor
Gravity Modeling
Atlas of Structural Geophysics

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Magnetism and Geomagnetism

Magnetic records of climate change, by Richard L. Reynolds and John W. King
Biomineralization of magnetic materials, by Bruce M. Moskowitz
Magnetic fabrics, by Kenneth P. Kodama
Theoretical and experimental studies of magnetic domains, by R.T. Merrill and S. L. Halgedahl
Main field and secular variation, by Joseph C. Cain
Polarity transitions and excursions of the geomagnetic field, by Andrew P. Roberts
Recalibration of the geomagnetic polarity timescale, by J.E.T. Channell
Geomagnetic models page
Revised IGRF released
USGS Geomagnetism program
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Crustal and Regional Studies

(including reports that have little or no specific geographic emphasis)
World Gravity map
Proposed regional magnetic survey of the US
Lithosphere dynamics and continental deformation, by Peter Bird
Forward Gravity modeling to assist in building a velocity model
Expanding High Resolution Airborne Applications
Potential-Field studies in areas of Active Faults
Crustal magnetic anomalies
USGS: Regional data sets
Satellite gravity images (MIT)
National Geophysical Data Center
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Mining, Environmental, and Archeological applications

USGS: magnetics to find abandoned wells
Automated identification of magnetic anomalies due to kimberlite pipes
Airborne Geophysical Survey of the Oak Ridge Reservation, Tennessee
Geophysical surveys in Britain for archeological investigations
Geophysics and archeology at Tub Angel Site
USGS: magnetics in hazardous waste analysis
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North and South America

San Francisco, CA, Magnetics
Nevada Gravity
Washington State Magnetics
Montana Gravity & Magnetics
Utah Gravity & Magnetics
Building a magnetic view of Alaska
GRAVSAT: The Gulf of Mexico
Base of salt by gravity inversion
Magnetic map of Wyoming
Gravity & Magnetics of Kansas
Southern Alberta Lithoprobe Transect (with a magnetic map)
Iowa, Mid-Continent Rift
Iowa, Mid-Continent Rift magnetics
Atlantic Coastal Plain granites & magnetics (278K mag map from USGS)
Ocean-bottom gravity, Juan de Fuca Ridge
South America Gravity (Chile-Argentina)
South America gravity database update
South America, Global Geoscience Transect
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Eurasia, Africa, and Australia, Antarctica

Antarctica Magnetics
Gravity & Magnetics of Poland
Former Soviet Union Magnetic flyer
Magnetic Anomaly Map of East Asia
Magnetic Map of Australia, AGSO
Cornell Middle East and North Africa Project Info
Tanzania Gravity & Magnetics
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The background is derived from a magnetic map of parts of Montana, Wyoming, and adjacent states (from USGS)
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