Gravity and Magnetic expressions of
Thrust Belts World-Wide

This 25-page report is a catalog of gravity and magnetic expressions of thrust belts world wide. It focuses on regional, small-scale expressions in an attempt to help identify analogs in various data compilations, and to help guide exploration planning.

The report is in two sections. Part I is a narrative describing background tectonic concepts related to thrust belts and their known and expected gravity and magnetic expression. Included are Role of Basement, Crustal Effects, Possible Map Expressions, and Sutures & Thick-Skinned Structures. Part II describes specific world-wide examples, mostly in brief, narrative form. Appendices include general considerations about continent-scale gravity and magnetic data sets, as well as a reprint by Dick Gibson focusing on the fold-thrust belt in western United States. A statement of philosophy of interpretation is also included.

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