Digital Magnetic Data

Former Soviet Union

The basement tectonic interpretation was based on magnetic contour maps published by the USSR. Gibson Consulting had the contours digitized in order to provide a spectral color display, and to avoid the possibility of copyright infringement. An additional goal was simply to provide the data in digital format. That digitizing was done by EDCON, Inc., of Denver. Gibson Consulting owns these data, and the data are available from Gibson Consulting or EDCON, Inc., (Alan Herring). The data and maps underwent extensive quality control during the digitization process. The digital data are included in the complete, full-price basement tectonic package, but are also available separately.

Price: $3,500.00

The digitization was based on published maps available in the USGS Library.

A similar digital data set, based on the same published maps, was prepared by the U.S. Naval Oceanographic Office. Although we made extensive inquiries, no one in the government could verify the existence of these data before Gibson Consulting hired EDCON, so we went ahead with the digitization. The government data set became available at the same time as ours. We are aware of some errors in the government data set (e.g., 50-gamma contours digitized as 100s). Contact Ron Buhmann, NGDC, Boulder, CO 80303, phone (303) 497-6128. Gibson Consulting and EDCON have no connection with this data set.

The two illustrations below compare the Edcon and NGDC versions of this data set.

EDCON version (above)
NGDC, latest version (above)

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