Turgay Basin

7-day Rapid Research Project

The request was to provide as much background information as possible. The 24-page report, in 11x17" format, included 13 maps. The magnetic interpretation was significantly revised, and we provided an interpretive plate tectonic history of the Turgay Block. Specific information on Kumkol' Field was included, along with data on disk.

Price: $2,200.00

You may also be interested in an Abstract of a paper on the Turgay Basin, as well as our Custom Bibliography covering Kazakstan and Central Asia.

The upper illustration is part of the magnetic map of the area (from Kolosova, 1974). Normal faults are subtly expressed as frequency changes in the data. The lower map is a small part of the fault interpretation.

Table of Contents

    Tectonic History
    Stratigraphy and Geochemistry
    Kumkol' Field
    Map 1 - Base Map
    Map 2 - Culture
    Map 3 - Topography
    Map 4 - Color Magnetic Map
    Map 5 - Surface Geology
    Map 6 - Fault Map
    Map 7 - Faults with Nomenclature
    Map 8 - Structure, Base of Mesozoic
    Map 9 - Structure, Top Cretaceous
    Map 10 - Local Structures, Fields, and Wells
    Map 11 - Known Seismic Lines
    Magnetic Interpretation
    Map 12 - Magnetic Data
    Map 13 - Magnetic Interpretation

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