Digital Bibliography and Index of
Petroleum Geology

As part of its comprehensive Basement Tectonic Interpretation of the Soviet Union, Gibson Consulting prepared an index to the journal Petroleum Geology. From 1958 to 2005, Dr. James Clarke (formerly of the USGS) translated and published this digest of Russian literature on petroleum exploration and production. Dr. Joan M. Spaw and Dick Gibson of Gibson Consulting created the Index so that the information in the journal would be more readily accessible. We published a hard-copy Bibliography and Index in 1990, covering the years 1980-1990 of the journal. The book was created from a digital bibliographic data base, which is now available on CD-ROM. Dr. Clarke died in 2005; Volume 39, 2005, was the last issue of Petroleum Geology he published.

Coverage now extends from 1963-2005; we are working backwards to pick up the earliest issues of the journal. 4097 articles are included, and all are annotated to the degree possible in the data base, with up to 30 data base fields per record. The list below shows the categories of information that were entered where available. The database format permits various kinds of sorts of the information, enabling research in the journal to be done quickly. The database is provided on disk as ASCII text files, and we can provide various commercial database formats. (We use the database in Microsoft Access™ format.)

The Digital Index is included in our complete package, and is also available separately. In addition, for those who do not wish to purchase the digital index, we prepare customized hard-copy outputs from the data base. Many of these are ready to go, and others can be prepared quickly. This is a cost-effective way of accessing the information in Petroleum Geology.

The current Edition 3.0 (1963-2005 -- Volumes 7-39) is available now. Price: US $795.00, is effectively for a site license. Additional updates of pre-1963 issues will be distributed to all purchasers at no additional charge, when complete. No guaranteed delivery date for the early issues can be established at present. Shipping costs are added to orders from outside North America. While supplies last, all purchases include a copy of the 1990 hard-copy Bibliography & Index. We have no plans to make additional hard-copy indices from the complete data base.

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Digital Index of Petroleum Geology

Not every entry is filled for every article; for example, some articles may only have one formation named in the database.
    First Author

    Petr. Geol. volume
    Petr. Geol. number
    Petr. Geol. pages
    Petr. Geol. no. of figures
    Petr. Geol. article no.

    Soviet pub. name
    Soviet pub. date
    Soviet pub. vol./no.
    Soviet pub. pages


    Gen. Location (80 names)
    Second-level location
    Third-level location

    Oil/Gas Field names
    Formation 1
    Formation 2
    Formation 3
    Formation 4

    Keyword 1
    Keyword 2
    Keyword 3 (trap type)
    Keyword 4
    Keyword 5

    Rock types
    Geologic Age 1
    Geologic Age 2
    Geologic Age 3
    Geologic Age 4


Custom hard-copy reports
from Digital Bibliography

These sub-sets of our Digital Bibliography and Index of Petroleum Geology are designed to be a reasonably priced alternative for those who do not wish to purchase the complete digital Bibliography ($675.00).

The full database includes data on more than 3700 articles in Petroleum Geology Volumes 7-33, 1963-99, with entries in up to 30 database fields. The reports described below are generally based on locations, keywords, and oil and gas field names, and include the title, year of Soviet publication, and all Petroleum Geology reference information to permit quick access to any article.

We have created the reports below (all of which can be shipped within a day of your request) with the idea that they may be popular sub-sets of the Digital Bibliography, but if you have specific requirements, we can easily provide a report that is tailored to your needs. Give us a call at (406) 723-9639 or (preferable) your request.

Most of the reports represent two different sorts of the database. Generally, one is based on location and the other is based on keywords.

Reports that are ready to go include:

    KAZAKSTAN AND CENTRAL ASIA (excluding the North Caspian and Amu Dar'ya Basins). By area (6 main regions or basins) and sub-location and by Keyword. More than 145 articles, about 50 pages. Price: $50.00. See also Turgay Basin Report

    NORTH CASPIAN. Grouped by sub-location and by keywords. 460+ articles, about 100 pages. Price: $75.00. See also Tengiz abstract and North Caspian Fields Database.

    GEOCHEMISTRY. Based on any Keyword, grouped by General Location and listed by secondary keywords; 2 sorts. 460+ articles, about 100 pages. Price: $75.00.

    AMU DAR'YA. Includes locations headed "Turkmen" and "Uzbekistan". Grouped by sub-location and listed by keywords, 160+ articles, about 50 pages. Price: $50.00. See also Exploration Atlas of Turkmenistan.

    TIMAN-PECHORA. Grouped by sub-location and listed by keywords. 120+ articles, about 50 pages. Price: $50.00. See also Kos'yu-Rogovaya Report

    WEST SIBERIA. Grouped by sub-location and listed by Keywords. 320+ articles, about 100 pages. Price: $75.00. See also West Siberia abstract and short report Urengoy Field

    PAPERS ON FIELDS. "Field Name" database category contains any entry. Alphabetic by first field name; also grouped by General Location. 800+ papers, about 150 pages. Price: $90.00.

    GRAVITY AND MAGNETICS. Based on any keyword. Listed by area, 100+ articles, about 20 pages. Price: $25.00.

Prepayment is required unless you have established a history with us of reasonable payment time. Checks should be made payable to Gibson Consulting, 301 North Crystal St., Butte, Montana, USA. Contact us for wire transfer information.

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