Exploration Atlas of Turkmenistan

This report was created as a guide to the geology of Turkmenistan, designed to assist companies considering the competitive bidding that was invited a few years ago. To date, 16 companies have acquired this product. The report consists of 37 black-and-white pages (to facilitate internal copying), plus 23 pages of tabular data in appendices. These tables were output from spreadsheets, which are included on disk as part of the report. The work was a joint project of Gibson Consulting and TerraSense. You may also be interested in our Custom Bibliography covering English papers on the Amu Dar'ya Basin.

The 1990 edition was revised and reissued with additions in February 1991. The report includes the following:

REGIONAL MAPS (1:3,000,000)

    Geographic base map
    Topographic map
    Surface geology
    Production & pipeline maps
    Residual magnetic map
    Reduced-to-the-pole magnetic map
    1st derivative magnetic map
    Interpreted major features
    Bidding & Lease Areas overlays


    Local Maps — Amu Dar’ya & West Turkmen
    Plate Tectonics
    Stratigraphic columns
    Regional cross-sections
    Petroleum Geology
    Digitized magnetic data on disk
    Tables of production & engineering data
    Production & engineering data on disk


The Exploration Atlas of Turkmenistan is included as part of the complete Basement Tectonic Interpretation package. Purchased separately, the cost is US$3,000. Companies that have previously purchased the Atlas will receive a $3,000 credit toward the purchase of the complete package.

To date, companies that have purchased this Atlas are: Unocal, JNOC, Marathon, BHP, Conoco, Petro-Canada, Shell, Agip, Arco, Amoco, BP, Trend, Occidental, Globex, Statoil, and Elf Aquitaine.

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